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Brown Lycra Top


Olive Skirt

Olive skirt button up skirt which is perfect for a night out or a business meeting. It has 3 silver buttons with a beautiful deep olive pattern incorporated into the design.

Beige Top


Slip Dress

This dress is bold, sexy and exciting. This rose gold color is the perfect dress for a late night out. It’s has a crossed back. The front is lazy cut.

Beige off the Shoulder top

This beige top is a beautifully structured top. The cut-out sides provide the perfect look for a day out in the sun.

Chocolate Brown Dress

Deep Brown dress beautifully structured backless dress that you can wear on a night out. It has adjustable straps that are perfect for adjusting to any size with a nice open look in the front and the back for a bold adventure.

Olive Jacket

This olive green cropped backless short blazer with one metal button is a timeless piece where business meets chic. The crossed back adds a sexy elegant look. This jacket has a sexy open back with a beautiful sharp cut.

Navy Corduroy Pants

These vintage pants are perfect for a 90s feel. They are a wide bottom with a an elastic waist. These pants are perfect for any event.

Brown Butterfly Top

Chocolate brown Lycra top is a versatile piece for any occasion. Adjustable straps- so can be styled differently. Perfect for any event. You can dress it up as you please

Beige Pants

These pants are perfect for everyday wear. This is a staple piece. These pants are high waisted with wide end. These are very long.

Black Pants

High waisted black pants. A simple light weight classic piece to complete any outfit. The wide bottom provides a nice oversized aesthetic which is perfect for any event. Can be dressed up or down

Brown Blazer

Chocolate brown blazer is a perfect piece that adds character to any collection. The exaggerated shoulder pads competes the oversized look and makes it perfect for a night out or working in the office.

Olive Pants

Green wide leg pants essential for a classic look. These pants are extra long and wide. These pants have an elastic waist this is extremely comfortable. The deep olive color makes it a versatile piece in any collection.

Navy Corduroy Jacket

This cropped, lightweight jacket has lazy sleeves with beautiful pockets on the front.
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